Our People

The key to the success of World Water Relief is an active, committed Board of Directors. By bringing together expertise from the business, financial, governmental and philanthropic communities, World Water Relief benefits from creative and knowledgeable direction.
While we rely heavily on Board members and other volunteers to contribute their time and talents, we also have a small but highly talented staff who manage to accomplish more than teams many times their size. Our Board makes it possible to commit 100% of all outside donations to our projects by making personal contributions toward administrative functions.



Carli Barnum,  In-Country Manager

Board of Directors Alumni

  • Mary Plumstead
  • Bronwyn M. Morgan
  • Kelly Spires
  • Stephen Gallant
  • Kevin Crump
  • Mike Pertch
  • Pete Hellebush
  • Mona Leung
  • Punita Gandhi
  • Dr. Mo Baptiste
  • June Lewis
  • Dr. Russ Hunt
  • Melvenia Jefferson Gueye
  • Dr. Dan Papp
  • Guy Scull

Advisory Council

David Bruckner: Independent Filmaker, Atlanta, GA

Timothy Douglas: Bilingual Elementary School Teacher, WWR; San Francisco, CA

Bronwyn Morgan: CEO of Subkulture, Atlanta, GA

Daniel Nolan: Mechanical Engineer, Atlanta, GA

Dr. Porter R. Peoples: Director, Green Chemistry Institute; Washington, DC

Sally Platt: Grants Chair, Rotary District 6900, Rotary International; Atlanta, GA

Mac Prather: Mechanical Engineer, Kansas City, MO

Professor Matthew J. Realff: David Wang Senior Faculty Fellow, Georgia Tech; Atlanta, GA

Cortland Sener: Project Manager, Baltimore, MD

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