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“Transforming the lives of children by providing safe water and hygiene education.”

World Water Relief  launched in 2008 with the goal of bringing sustainable water purification solutions to people within developing nations. Initially funded by a generous donation from First Water, Inc., an Atlanta, Georgia based water purification and disaster relief organization, World Water Relief has already provided thousands of people with the life-saving gift of safe drinking water—and our work has just begun.

Although our long-term goal extends worldwide, our near term focus has been on serving the people of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.Although our charter didn’t necessarily encompass disaster relief work, the WWR Board of Directors agreed that our knowledge of and connections in Haiti could make a life-saving difference if we responded quickly to the earthquake crisis. We were right.

By Friday, January 15th, 2010 – just three days after the earthquake – current WWR President Dr. Kevin Fussell and former Program Manager (now board member) Ben Seidl left for Haiti, each carrying a portable, solar powered water purification system. That same day, through an agreement with FedEx, we arranged to ship an additional 10 portable systems to the area which Ben and Kevin later distributed throughout Haiti. This was the first of two emergency relief trips Ben and Kevin would make together to Haiti. It was also the beginning of our extensive Haiti water projects which focus on building a better, stronger and healthier future for Haitians. Ben and Kevin chronicled their trips to Haiti in real-time for our World Water Relief-Haiti blog which later become a photo book, “Rebuilding Hope-After the Haiti Earthquake.” Our current work in Haiti now combines installation of water purification systems with extensive education on hygiene basics and tools to measure and track the impact our solutions have on the communities we serve.

Our ability to save lives relies entirely on the generosity of tax deductible donations from individuals like you and from our support partners.

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