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2 New WASH Programs in the Dominican Republic

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With the installation of new purified water filtration systems at two schools in the Dominican Republic, World Water Relief begins our commitment to WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) education at two additional project sites, bringing our total to 13 in the DR!

We thank our generous donors- Peggy and Tim Cole, H20 for Life and the Westridge School for Girls for funding Batey 2 and Children of the Nation for funding Pueblo Nuevo. With such support, Pueblo Nuevo and Batey 2 not only have safe drinking and hand-washing stations, but the students will learn the value and meaning of purified water and its importance in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Introductory courses were given to students, staff and community members in both Batey 2 and Pueblo Nuevo.

The student courses included:

  • An introduction to the WWR WASH-in-Schools program & filtration equipment
  • A lesson in the importance of hand-washing
  • A hand-washing lesson at the WWR washing/drinking station
  • An explanation of good and bad sanitary habits
  • A tour of the filtration system at the applicable school and its components
  • An explanation of the importance and value of clean water in our lives and how we can protect our natural water resources in order to protect our health

The courses for parents and community members included:

  • All items listed above
  • An explanation of the important role that family plays in the support of their children’s education regarding WASH
  • The formation of WASH parent groups in Pueblo Nuevo and Batey 2

WWR will continue to visit the schools weekly, instructing students and their families about the importance of good sanitation and hygiene habits, along with the importance of clean, potable water in order to avoid bacterial and parasitic illnesses brought on by the ingestion of unpurified water.

Thank you Children of the Nation, H20 for Life and the Westridge School for Girls for beginning the cycle of good health at Batey 2 and Pueblo Nuevo schools!