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We offer several easy ways for you to donate to World Water Relief!

You can make online donations using your credit card (Click and Pledge option where you do not need to set up an account), or Paypal (you do not need a Paypal account), or mail a check directly to World Water Relief.

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World Water Relief
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What Your Donation Can Buy

$100 – Supplies liquid soap for a school of 2,000 students for one year

$2,500 – Supports the hygiene teachers, educational materials, and supplies for Saturday Health & Hygiene Club

$500 – Provides maintenance, filter replacements, and soap for one year

$5,000 – Supports the construction team and all materials to build drinking water and hand washing stations, along with improvements to bathroom facilities.

$1,250 – Contribute an ultra-violet water filtration system for a school.

$10,000 – Contributes water filtration system, construction of new facilities, and teachers and materials for the student Saturday Health & Hygiene Club.

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Memorial and Tribute Gifts:

Should you wish to make a donation in honor of someone on your gift list. To do so, after making your donation via PayPal, please send an email to with a list of names and addresses. We will send the honoree a card letting them know that a gift was made in their name. This great way to give to World Water Relief and spread the word about our wonderful accomplishments to your friends and family.

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