What is the WASH in Schools Project?

WASH in Schools Project Components:
Our comprehensive approach to water, sanitation and hygiene

Safe Drinking Water

The most important objective in WASH in Schools projects is the provision of safe drinking water. We use a three-stage water filtration system that features sediment & carbon pre-filters, together with ultraviolet disinfection. World Water Relief believes that providing clean drinking water is the most effective intervention towards creating a healthy learning environment.
Improved Sanitation

Coupled with safe drinking water, improved sanitation facilities can vastly improve a child’s health. Over 88% of all diarrheal deaths in children are a result of unsafe and poor sanitation. If students learn to value and utilize improved sanitation facilities, they will not only improve their own health, but will also raise their own children with an attention to more healthy practices.

Hygiene Education

Infrastructure and facility upgrades are critical. However, World Water Relief understands that hygiene education is the real key to long-term behavioral change and sustained health improvements. Our students commit to learning the principles and theory behind bacteria, disease, water, environment, and the hygiene practices that will protect them from harm and sustain their growth.

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